Hiring Caspar

Are you looking to hire me? Start at the top and read down.

Am I open to new opportunities?

I like working at Atlassian, have built a team I really enjoy working with at Statuspage, and am compensated very fairly for the work that I do.

That said, you are welcome to reach out. Please keep reading.

Location & Visa status

Currently, I live in San Francisco, USA and am not looking to relocate.

Generally speaking, I expect your company will need to organize an E3 visa for me, as I am not a US citizen.

Fulltime vs Contracting

I am currently only interested in fulltime roles.

What roles interest me?

Senior technical leadership roles. I enjoy both people and technology problems, and my ideal role combines both of those with business problems. That tends to mean job titles like Staff Engineer, Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, or perhaps CTO or VP of Engineering at a small but unusually well funded company.

Technically, I am a polyglot full stack web developer but lean towards backend development. You may want to see Projects to get an idea of what I spend some of my free time on.

As a rule of thumb, if you are hiring for a standard senior dev role, that is very likely to be a step down in challenge and responsibility, so I am unlikely to be interested.

Also, I am explicitly not interested in mobile (Android/iOS) or mainframe (e.g. zOS/AIX) development.

What is your management philosophy (etc)?

You should read Working with me.