Occasionally I give talks, often about Rust the programming language, but sometimes on other topics.

NB: From 2015 to 2017 I co-organized and eventually took over the Rust-Sydney meetup, so a decent amount of my talks were delivered to that audience.


Rust for Beginners by Building Game of life, June 2018. I delivered this workshop to a group of Atlassian developers with no Rust experience, and stepped them through building the logic to Conway's Game of Life in Rust. (Should be generally reusable in the future.)


How to Win Friends and Confluence People, September 2018 at Atlassian's Summit. A 40 minute talk on Atlassian Confluence best practices, based on my experiences as one of the top users in Atlassian. With ~200 audience members and 3+ professional AV experts in the room, this is definitely the most well-rehearsed & highest production-value talk I've given.. for now :)

Rust State of Concurrency, February 2017 at the Rust Sydney meetup. Covers the state of Rust's concurrency story at the time, building up from the basics.

Rust Concurrency for C++ developers, January 2017 at Sydney Game Developers meetup. Aimed at introducing C++ developers to Rust's concurrency model and safety guarantees.

Half a Game in Piston (sample code), August 2015 at the Rust Sydney meetup. An overview of Piston, the most popular (at the time) game development framework in the Rust ecosystem, accompanied by a code walkthrough and explanation of a sample application.

Rust Newbie Pitfalls, June 2015 at the Rust Sydney meetup. A talk given a few months after I learned Rust, aimed at helping newbies get past the things I found most challenging.

From Java to the Metal (code samples), May 2015 at the Rust Sydney meetup. I learned Rust as part of a friendly competition between ~10 developers to reimplement some standard undergrad algorithms in as performant a way as possible; this talk shares how Rust fared in that contest and my learnings coming from a Java background.