How to get in touch with me.


You can reach me at my first name at this domain.

This is the best way to get in touch with me. I read all emails within a day or two, and do my best to respond to non-recruiter emails within a week.

Recruiters: please read hiring me first. I file all job offers for perusal when I feel like a change, and will take your first email as a standing invitation to connect any time in the future. Therefore, please include all relevant information in your first email, and there's no need to send follow ups.


I am @caspark on Github - someone beat me to @asparck :/


You can find me at @asparck, but I don't use Twitter much so I may not respond immediately.


I don't post things on LinkedIn, and any InMails are likely to be mixed in with recruiters' reachouts, but you can find my profile there too: Caspar Krieger